SmartRoster is a powerful scheduling tool for non-profit and commercial organisations that generates personnel schedules. Its automatic scheduler is the most powerful in its class. Create superb schedules first go, eliminate bias and guesswork, and satisfy complex scheduling demands with ease. With fully automated or manual scheduling, completed schedules can be printed, exported to Word for cosmetic changes, and distributed by email as a pdf.

Publisher description

Smartroster is the best new way to create personnel schedules for churches, non-profit and commercial organisations. First define your events and roles, add your people and specify when and how they wish to participate by nominating their events, roles, availability/absences, and work association preferences. Then set the period you wish to schedule and hit the AutoFill button to create the schedule. SmartRoster will cycle through many different schedules and automatically choose the best one, balancing the workload as evenly and fairly as possible, while respecting work association preferences. You can schedule completely manually, using the drag-and-drop interface, completely automatically, or any combination in between. SmartRoster offers a number of features to make sure people get their schedule, and remember when they are on duty, such as individualised reports, direct email to your volunteers, and automated email reminders. SmartRoster eliminates clashes and mistakes. It maintains a knowledge-base about your people, their skills, absences and work constraints, as well as your organisations requirements. Features include: - Powerful groups feature allows you group people with common properties, and schedule people based on group membership - Keep-together and keep-apart preferences for who to place with whom - Powerful import feature for importing personnel details - Schedule from days to years - there's no limit! - Schedule unlimited events and roles - Powerful, simple reporting with over a dozen different report types - Creates personalised schedules with the persons name pre-highlighted - No other software needed for reports or emailing, and NO ANNUAL FEES! - Export any report in comma-delimited, pdf format, or MS Word - Export master schedule as an HTML table for publishing to the Web - Not denomination specific

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